About Us

I’ve known since the day I held my sweet blessings in my arms that there were things I wanted them to know deep in their bones. And, I knew in today’s world, it would be up to me to make sure they learned it.

There’s nothing that breaks my heart more than the thought of my babies ever believing they’re not – not beautiful, not brave, not smart, not enough…fill in the blank. The possibility of them not seeing themselves the way I do. The way their daddy does. The way God does – as the spectacularly unique masterpieces He created them to be.

I had the inspiration. I had the words. But I needed help telling the story. I dished my idea to an old friend from college, asking for her help in bringing it to life, then waited with more anticipation than I could bear for her response…

You know how the story ends, because here we are, Dawn and Amy Jo, with all of our love and momma souls poured into the pages of Seedling Press. Because every tiny human, and the taller humans they become, deserves to have a seed of confidence planted inside that blooms into knowing, I am beautiful. I am enough. I am proud of me.

They need these stories tucked away in their little hearts about who they are and what that means in this world. And it turns out, in this journey to create for our babies, we just may have been creating for ourselves all along.

— Amy Jo

The Ladies Behind the Book

Amy Jo Miller — Author
Dawn Sailors — Illustrator